How Online Casino Technology has changed the way we Gamble

It’s been said before, but it still bears repeating – technology in general (but particularly “the internet”) has transformed society into something entirely new.  Along with the simple fact that people on opposite sides of this great sphere can communicate almost instantly, the way we’re networking with each other has also evolved.  Now, news and information spreads out across the world’s population(s) faster than ever before; so much so, that conventional media outlets aren’t even able to keep up.  Naturally, this has fundamentally altered the way we approach most things in our life now, even daily, mundane activities are quickly being influenced by the digital world.

But it’s not just businesses or individuals that are being influenced by online activities and services though; the entire gambling industry has also been dramatically affected.  For instance, a quick web search will reveal a wealth of online casinos, each one vying for a top spot on everyone’s bookmark list.    According to some estimates, if you added together all the annual profits of online casinos all across the world you’d come up with a figure of around $7 Billion or more.  Of course, according to  “The global casino revenue is estimated to be at around 147 billion U.S. dollars in 2012”, which implies, at least outwardly, that online vendors what quite a way to go before they eclipse physical proprietors.

Nevertheless, we have to also consider the technological growth rate. You can check how casinos work and get Get £40 and play bingo. With more and more internet-ready devices being sold every single year (and refinements with regards to design and capability taking place), one might say that it’s only a matter of time until online vendors begin to see increasing amounts of visitors.  Of course this is speculative, but seemingly logical; especially when you consider that the gambling industry has been headhunting tech talent for quite some time now.  In fact, some of the best have been lured into helping set up and/or run online casino operations.

So, how has this changed the way we gamble, you ask?  Some people seem to be spending a lot more time gambling, now that they can do it comfortably online.  This excerpt from a research paper (by M.D. Griffiths., 2011) more or less sums things up nicely:

“…research has suggested that online poker may be producing a new type of problem gambler where the main negative consequence is loss of time (rather than loss of money.”

Furthermore, it’s really a question of ease of access now, as well.  Simply put, all of the difficulties or errands one would normally have to complete in order to enjoy some casino-themed gambling have vanished.  For instance, if one were to visit a physical casino, you’d have to travel there, right?  This implies transportation expenses, means, as well as the time you spend getting there.  Additionally, you’d have to stop and remove money from some type of bank account wouldn’t you?  Following that you’ll have to exchange your dough for chips, etc.  The point is, all of these steps have been removed.  Now, anyone can access the same sort of games that are found in casinos right on their smartphones.  Moreover, they can even instantly add and withdraw funds too – this is all accessible at their fingertips.

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