How Much Can VOIP Save You?

Businesses around the world are currently spending an increasing amount of time searching for new ways of reducing costs, and one of the largest expenditures for most of these businesses is communication. Telephone lines are generally very expensive, and if you’ve got an entire office full of people making calls all day long, it is easy to see why monthly bills can place a real strain on finances.

Luckily, thanks to advances in optical fiber FFTx, it is now possible to considerably reduce spending on communication. No Longer do companies have the need to install hundreds of phone lines, it is now possible to push those calls onto the existing broadband system, providing a more than substantial abatement. This is often referred to as VOIP (voice over IP)

So How Does This Save Money?

As previously mentioned, VOIP allows a business to avoid installing numerous phone lines, and new services like Vonage even provide hardware that integrates with computers and links in directly to the current broadband system. This new method, and the companies that provide it, offer incredible rates that are sure to impress. Also VOIP is capable of operating through a VPN connection, which provides more security when making calls or transferring data, leaving extra, more expensive security measures obsolete.

How Does This VOIP Thing Work?

VOIP splits each employees voice data into segments and compresses them. These segments are then transferred via the internet to the chosen terminal, where the VIOP service unpacks the data a converts it back into voice form for the recipient to hear.

Unlike the usual method of maintaining a constant connection between the two parties, VIOP relies heavily on connection speed for call quality, so it is always worth making sure you have the fastest internet speed possible to ensure clear communication.

So Which Services Are The Best?

Skype is generally considered to be the best VIOP service for home use, but for professional business usage, it may well be worth taking a quick look at some of their competitors, as they have designed their product specifically for the business market. Verizon Business Services and Vonage are currently the industry leaders, offering truly competitive rates. For example, under a current deal with Vonage, users can purchase a package costing around £70 per month that includes caller ID, voicemail and unlimited long distance calls to both European countries and the US.

Where Do I Sign?

As with any major purchase, it is important to have a browse around on the internet and check out all the deals available before committing to a VIOP service. Depending on the time of year and success of the individual company, you could well find a real bargain.

Now you’ve gotten the low down on VOIP, there should be nothing stopping you from saving a considerable amount of capital. However, don’t leave the leap to internet calls too long, as prices will likely rise in the future as more and more people find out about this truly fantastic opportunity.

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