How Memory Cards Have Evolved

Memory cards have been around for some time now… the cell phone holds a lot of small data, for example texts as well as telephone numbers, by using Subscriber identity module or sim. The sim card was first released back in 1991. Even though, this particular card can be extremely small, and additionally it is very useful. A sim is actually removable; this is why you can also make use of sim cards inside other cell phones. If you have two or more mobile phones, then you can simply insert the sim into each one and share the details stored on the sim.

Sim cards have been around for a long time now and the can only hold a small amount of data, currently between 16k – 64k.

Of course there are many other storage devices, such as USB sticks and Hard Drives. These types of devices can hold a large amount of data, currently 1TB is becoming the norm. But memory cards have become more and more popular over the years for many portable devices.

With all this data, it is important to keep your data backed up; otherwise you might need to use a memory card recovery service. You can keep data backed up by transferring it from a memory card reader to a computer hard drive.

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