How Can Your Business Benefit From Membrane Keypads?

A business owner in the 21st Century has an embarrassment of options at their feet. From marketing tools to office furniture, there are so many things you can do to help your lifestyle.

It’s safe to assume that any business relies on computers or laptops. Besides these, there are a whole host of scenarios where switches and buttons come into play, from lights to security. Mechanical keys and switches are functional, but they have a number of major faults that could prove an annoyance.


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What is a membrane keypad?

A membrane keypad or switch is a board whose keys are not separate, like they are with a regular keyboard/keypad. Membrane keyboards are pressure sensitive, with their symbols printed on a mostly flat surface.

What are the benefits for my business?

  1. Easy repairs

Repair and maintenance costs could be through the roof for a business owner. You’ll have a lot of furniture and equipment and it may sometimes go faulty. It’s usually not your fault, but is frustrating nonetheless.

Repairs are even more frustrating than this, and can suck up time as well as money. Fixing a regular keyboard involves removing each and every key in order to get underneath it properly. You then have to put these keys back in their correct places! On the other hand, membrane keys are much simpler to fix, and won’t require professional help. All that you need to do is remove the overlay, inspect the key that isn’t working and remove or replace it. Voila!

  1. Smaller, sleeker, save space

Everybody loves to save space, and cut unnecessary junk. The same is true with our tech, and smaller is usually the benefit we seek. Membrane keyboards are slimmer than their mechanical counterparts, meaning they’re easier to transport. Businesses can often have crowded office spaces, but this can easily be rectified. Membrane keys can also be designed to blend in with the style of your office, providing the illusion of cohesion.

Another factor that aids their sleekness is their design method. Many, like the Fascia Graphics membrane switch, can be custom-built to meet your requirements. This means you can have only the keys you need, and axe any you don’t. If you went out to a shop to buy a mechanical keypad, you wouldn’t have any flexibility.


Membrane keyboard // Source

  1. They’re simple to clean

That old mechanical light switch in your home probably attracts all kinds of dirt. It’s easy for dust and hair to get underneath it, which can affect its performance over time. In a similar vein, cleaning a regular keyboard is an utter pain. Membrane keys, on the other hand, are a flat, singular service. It just takes a quick wipe to get them clean, and there aren’t any crevices that can easily attract dirt.

  1. They’re completely sealed up

The fact that they’re easy to clean stems from their design. A membrane key will have a full perimeter surrounding and sealing it. Water, debris and other liquids won’t be ingested by the device, so you can safely keep drinks in the vicinity.

Mechanical switches have crevices and holes surrounding them, which makes the risk of water damage high. Some keys can be especially susceptible to this, such as bathroom and kitchen ones. This in mind, it may be a good idea to swap them out for membrane ones. Whether you work from a giant office or from home, your business won’t be able to function without switches. So protect them!

The life of a business owner has never been better. This is in large part down to modern technology, and the ease of living it affords us. Companies of all shapes and sizes can enjoy membrane upgrades, and their usefulness cannot be understated.


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