Google TV Fragmentation Starts At Launch. The Key Differences Between The Logitech Revue And Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Player

Google TV launched on two retail product lines: The Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV. I have both of them and there are definitely some clear distinctions between the two. I’m not sure one is entirely better than another, but it’s strange, although not without precedent, to see Google TV implemented differently. It’s just more fuel for the Android comparison.

The Logitech Revue seems a bit more consumer-friendly where the Sony Google TV Blu-ray player has Sony’s distinct industrial feel throughout the hardware and the software. The Logitech option ships with a touchpad-equipped full keyboard where Sony opts for a QWERTY keypad controller slightly smaller than the a PS3 controller. One does the Internet better, while the other plays nicer with more AV hardware. There’s enough difference here to at the very least cause several interested shoppers to pause, stare at the two for a bit and then move on in a daze.

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