Google Tracks Santa Claus Coming To Town

I remember as a kid seeing red airplane lights in the sky and telling my mom Rudolph was coming. Children all over the world question Santa’s coming — whether by sleigh or by chimney — every Christmas Eve.

How does Santa visit so many children in one night? Will he eat the cookies I left out? How does he fit all those presents into his sleigh? We may never know the answers to those questions, but Google is offering some insight into one timeless question: Where in the world is Santa at this very moment? Google’s NORAD Tracks Santa function saps warp-speed GPS technology to let us know how close Santa is to our homes.

“It’s getting very hard to find an aspect of our society in the global world that Google is not involved in,” said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at Gartner. “Google and Santa Claus … it just shows us one more place where Google continues to leverage the strength of its brand.”

How To Track Santa

If you want to track Santa, just go to and follow old St. Nick as he journeys around the world delivering presents to children in more than 200 countries and territories. Google outlined a few different ways to find the jolly old man in his unmistakable red suit over the course of the day: Google Maps, Google Earth plug-In, from your phone, via YouTube, or through Realtime Search.

On your home computer or laptop, visit and choose your preferred language. You’ll see a large Google Map on the page displaying Santa’s current location and his next stop. Click the video icons to watch “Santa Cam” videos, and click the gift icons to learn more about each city.

From, click on the link Track Santa in Google Earth. You’ll see Santa steering his sleigh right…

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