Google Mail now supports VoIP. Should Skype be worried?

If you’re a Gmail user, you should have already noticed a little pop-up telling you about the new feature of Gmail. This new VoIP service links to the Google Voice app to bring you calls to landlines or other Gmail users.

Google says that calls to Canada and the U.S. should be free for, at least, the rest of the year and calls to other countries will be billed at very low costs. The company also claims that calls to countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Germany, etc. would be as low as two cents per minute.

Should Skype be worried? Google just invaded its waters by adding the new VoIP service, therefore making Skype not as important any more. Of course, Gmail users were able to talk using their microphones ages ago, but now they can dial into landlines, and if Google is to believe, at pretty low prices as well.

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