GigsWiz Works Out Where Your Band Should Play Live, Starts Ticketing Pilot

GigsWiz seems like a no-brainer idea. Work out where your band should be playing based on where your fans want you to play. And, as a venue, work out what the local fans are really into, and book that band. This is a natural for a world where, because of the Internet, a band could potentially find a fan-base anywhere on the planet from San Francisco to St Petersburg. The trouble is, the execution. Others have tried portals, but with social media being so distributed, and fans so intent on setting up their own little fan groups all over the place, it’s hard for a young band to keep track of it all.

So GigsWiz generates analytics allowing bands to gather accurate information about local fan demand.

Now it is taking this idea to the next step, developing a ticketing service which shares revenues from booking fees with the artists that use it’s platfom. It’s been piloting ticket sales exclusively with Hot Vox, Substance Gigs and Glasswerk in the UK and is now in discussions other promoters and bands.

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