Gift Guide: The 10 Worst Toys Of The Season

Every year around this time, we rush to the toy store in search of bargains for the wee ones, hoping to find that one glorious item hidden among the picked-over dross that is a post-Black Friday Toys ‘R’ Us. But be warned, shoppers: all is not as it seems. You see, lurking in the depths of our nation’s toy shelves, are some of the worst, most horrific toys you can ever imagine, toys so unusable and plain broken that we shudder to even gaze on their horrific boxes. Friends, we present the worst toys of the season.

10. Imaginarium Spiral Train Set
From The Description:

Create a 3D layout with the Imaginarium Wooden Spiral Train Set, a Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive. The track features a double spiral and runs around an airport terminal and runway to bring passengers and cargo to the jet and helicopter.

Why It Sounds Good:

Imaginarium has traditionally offered an alternative to expensive Thomas the Tank Engine tracks and trains, allowing cheap parents to give their kids a train fix without forcing them to take out a second mortgage.

Why It’s Bad:

Where do I start? The tracks fall apart (most commenters on our review recommended using a hot glue gun but I used staples), the slightest breeze will topple the entire thing, and most of the pieces aren’t compatible with other sets because of a slight incline in the track. It is a trifecta of terrible. Building it is like putting together a 3D model of Westminster Abbey blindfolded with a monkey howling in your ear.

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