How to Get Endless Entertainment From Your Mobile Devices

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a cave for the past couple of years, you’ll have undoubtedly realised that our mobile devices, be they tablets or smartphones, have the power and features to transform our lives by offering endless entertainment.

It’s not expensive either. Besides the initial cost of a phone or tablet, there are a wealth of free apps that provide better service than some paid ones. For starters, let’s think about video games. There are thousands of free games such as Candy Crush and Clash Royale that people have been playing for years and years. They don’t get tired of these games and they can play them casually or for 10+ hours a day if they really wanted to. These are free games and they offer just as much content as a paid console game or computer game, so why pay more?

If you want to get an endless amount of entertainment from your mobile device, follow these simple tips and you’ll never feel like you need to buy a new computer, TV or even games console ever again.

Throw away those DVDs and Blu-Rays and master streaming

Streaming is a word thrown around by tech and entertainment enthusiasts a lot. Home streaming essentially means that instead of having a physical copy of a movie or show, you “stream” it directly to your device via the internet. This means you can save space by not having to purchase shelves and bookcases to store your collections, and they are instantly accessible with the click of a button or a search function instead of browsing through your boxes and cases.

Home streaming arrived to mobile devices shortly after services like Netflix became popular. Although the selection of films might feel somewhat lacking at times, there is an almost unlimited amount of content thanks to the constant updates and various services you can subscribe to. Films available on Netflix might not be available on Amazon Prime Video, for example.

Video games are all the rage

Let’s not forget the amount of interactive entertainment you can get from a mobile device. From casual games that suit children like Cut the Rope to a live casino where you can play for real money or fake cash, there are countless amounts of video games that you can play. But that’s not the end of it. In addition to touchscreen games that are casual friendly and fun, you can also wirelessly connect control pads via BlueTooth and play old games and classics with the help of emulators.

An emulator basically emulates old consoles, so if you used to own an old game system like a Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis, you can relive those memories with your friends and family by turning your mobile device into a portable games console.

Reading is fun too

Services like Zinio allow you to purchase subscriptions to your favourite magazines. Even if your magazine doesn’t have a digital version available on Zinio, you’ll find thousands of different publications that might suit your interests and tastes.

If magazines aren’t your thing, how about books? Google’s app store also contains thousands of books and more are being added each day. You can indulge in fictional stories, read a biography, or even study something. There are hundreds of deals available and you can even get some books for free.

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