GeoTrust Slashes SSL Prices To Extend Market Lead

Mountain View, Calif., Nov. 5, 2010 — With an eye toward extending its long-held lead in the low-cost market for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, GeoTrust, Inc. today slashed its SSL prices in half and launched an aggressive new campaign aimed at attracting SSL customers of Go Daddy and other competitors.

Through a new GeoTrust campaign, Go Daddy customers can trade in their Go Daddy SSL certificates for equivalent GeoTrust SSL certificates at no charge. Customers of other competing certificate vendors can take advantage of GeoTrust’s new, dramatically lower pricing when their SSL certificates are up for renewal. For these customers, GeoTrust slashed the original prices of its SSL certificates in half, with QuickSSL® Premium domain validated protection starting at $149 per certificate. Switching to GeoTrust SSL is fast, easy and now inexpensive, with domains validated and most certificates issued in just minutes.

“We’re alerting Go Daddy customers that they now can take advantage of the reliable protection of globally trusted GeoTrust SSL certificates, with a trade-in process that’s exceptionally easy and unbeatably cost-effective,” said Jeff Barto, senior product marketing manager for GeoTrust. “With our new low prices, GeoTrust is making a great thing even better.”

GeoTrust has long led the low-cost, high-volume segment of the SSL market. In this segment, prices drive purchase decisions among SSL customers whose primary concern is to encrypt data transferred to and from their sites. In recent months, GeoTrust’s leadership position has been accurately documented by the Alexa Netcraft Index, which is produced by cross-referencing data from Netcraft’s monthly SSL Survey and the Alexa Top 1 Million Domains list. Month after month, the Alexa Netcraft Index shows GeoTrust is the No. 1 SSL provider among the most-visited web sites on the Internet.

With SSL certificates issued in more than 150 countries around the world, GeoTrust offers world-class SSL…

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