Gadget Filled Hi-Tech Bathroom Revamp: What You Need to Know

In the 21st century, it is pretty difficult to imagine life without technology and gadgets. Our smartphones act as mini computers, letting us check our emails, surf the web, and run apps to perform a multitude of tasks. Our games consoles at home also let us watch TV and subscribe to on-demand films, and some fridge freezers can even offer us hot and cold water, removing the need for using a traditional kettle!

For most of us, our bathrooms are probably the most low-tech parts of our homes. But if you fancy giving your bathroom a hi-tech gadget filled revamp, we tell you what you need to know and give you some pointers on how to get started.

How to prepare your new bathroom

One of the main considerations for any type of bathroom revamp is to ensure that you have sufficient electrical cabling, copper piping for water, and of course waste water outlets.

Another thing to bear in mind is that if you are going to install a pretty slick multi jet shower system, then you need to give your water supply a bit of a turbo charge.

Most homes in the UK have a low-pressure, gravity-fed system whereas a lot of high-end shower systems require high pressure of at least 1.5 bars. You can have your plumber install an accumulator system, which will help to maintain a high-pressure water supply.

Super showers

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For the ultimate hi-tech shower, you need to get your hands on a “super shower”. They are essentially showers that enable you to programmatically control the sequence and flow of water from several showerheads or jets simultaneously.

Easy to use control panels with red or blue LEDs to indicate temperature, and there are even LCD touch screens that let you choose your preferred type of shower. A lot of systems such as ones from Kohler let you store several shower profiles, which is great for when there are other people living with you at home that have different shower preferences.


Any hi-tech bathroom needs to have an entertainment system. There are lots of products and solutions on the market that enable you to have sound and vision in your bathroom like the smart bathroom mirrors where you are able to watch TV.

You can have TVs as small as your tablet computer, or as big as your awe-inspiring widescreen HDTV in your living room. And with audio, there are many options such as wireless speakers that are mounted in shower heads, or even speaker systems that are flush fitted into your bathroom ceiling.

For the ultimate in bathroom entertainment systems, consider getting some Bluetooth enabled kit so that you can control it via your smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled device!

Energy saving

Ensure that we don’t waste electricity and water should be a priority when designing your hi-tech bathroom. To help us with this task, energy saving products can be installed such as taps with sensors that detect when your hands are underneath them, dual-flush cistern toilet systems, water efficient showerheads, and water flow restrictors.

Insulating your bathroom will also ensure that it doesn’t need to be heated more than it should in those cold winter months.

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