Facebook sues a website for using the word “book”.

FacebookAs of today, I’m glad we didn’t become Techbook. Looks like Facebook is trying to claim the word “book” as its own.

Facebook has sued a website, named Teachbook, for the use of the word “book” in their name, since it trespasses on Facebook’s trademark. Facebook is not trying to gain money from it. Apparently, all it wants to do is to make Teachbook change its name.

The new website, Teachbook, is a social-network for teachers, created to give them the opportunity to get in touch with their colleagues, see a database of lesson plans and view instructional videos made by other teachers.

The thing here is that Facebook will have some difficulties trying to claim the word “book”, since it is quite a common word on the internet. But hey, if they have money to waste, why not waste in on something like this?

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