Facebook Overhauls Groups, A Social Solution To Create “A Pristine Graph”

Today during their event, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg talked about “the biggest problem in social networking“. What he means by this is social sharing. You need to be able to map out all of the real world groups that you have in the social graph. If Facebook can do this, Zuckerberg says people will be able to do all the sharing they want to do. And Zuckerberg believes they have done this with the complete overhaul of Facebook Groups.

The naive solution is to do something like Friend Lists,” Zuckerberg says. ”Almost no one wants to make lists,” he continues. He’s noted this before. “The most we’ve ever gotten is 5 percent of people to make a list. It’s pretty brutal to have to do this every single time.” He then went into the algorithmic solutions. These are helpful, Zuckerberg says, but it’s also really easy to get these wrong, he notes.

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