Exclusive: Jolicloud’s Netbook Will Launch In The UK First [Video]

As we reported earlier today, Cloud OS startup Jolicloud has confirmed the “Jolibook” Netbook is coming this month, although we don’t know the price. Well, we may not know the price, but strolling round the Monaco Media Forum today I button-holed founder Tariq Krim, and got him to reveal where the Jolibook will appear first: the UK.

Although my colleague Robin Wauters was showed the device in Dublin at F.ounders two weeks ago, he didn’t get any video. Well, Robin the next round of drinks is on you, because I got some video of the packaging in a 9 minute interview with Krim. Sorry Robin! I also saw the netbook in action but couldn’t take a photo or shoot video. But boy. Wow. This thing is fast, that’s all I can say.

Krim also says a number of new things on the video. Including that they will be launch an Android version of Jolicloud.

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