Enter the Era of Streaming

Having movies readily available on streaming services is terrible news for the DVD; disk sales are very much on a downward trajectory, according to recent research. Last year, subscription streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video overtook DVD sales for the first time, and right not it’s hard to see past an era of streaming, for the foreseeable future, at least.

As documented on TorrentFreak: ‘Netflix is “killing” DVD sales’, and in truth, it’s not hard to see why. Firstly, the minimal set-up needed with streaming services instantly makes them a huge draw, especially for the ‘lazy’ millennials of today. Not having to do much at all when setting the service up, save pressing a few buttons, is what it offers that the DVD didn’t. In fact, in this case, it is what streaming doesn’t offer that the DVD did: the act of having to physically inject and then later eject a disk. Having to pull yourself up from your sofa after being in a movie induced trance for the past two hours to eject the disk sounds horrible, doesn’t it? To stream, however, all one must do is simply click a few buttons on whatever control they are using, and they’re off.

To partner this, once the service is up and running and sat on your computer/laptop/phone screen awaiting your command, there is an easiness to the access that is unparalleled, especially considering the sheer volume of titles that there are to choose from. For instance, the ShowBox app prides itself in being ‘designed as simple as possible for easy navigation no matter who is using it’, which you can read all about on the Showbox official site: GetShowBoxApp.com.

To even further the case that you should sign up to a streaming service, if you haven’t done already, is the fact that they are all so relatively cheap! For a full lowdown on the varying prices and what you can get for your money, head to Tom’s Guide, but with Netflix being $9 (£7) a month, you can’t go too far wrong. And for your money you’re not only getting the array of titles and genres already on offer, but all exclusive content. Amazon Prime Video, for example, offer Jeremy Clarkson’s new venture The Grand Tour (I know this might not mean a whole lot to those outside of the UK, or those that don’t like cars), which is quite a feat. Streaming services really are beginning to become an entity of their own, and it’s not hard to see why it’s estimated to be a $800 million business in just two years!

To save the best thing until last, the days of having to clog up your shelves and cases with DVDs will be long gone; the only library of media you’ll need when using a streaming service is already prepared for you, on whatever screen you choose to watch it on. But be sure not to ditch your DVDs, they might be worth something in the future!

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