Easy Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Organized


Maurizio Pesce

Smartphones are fantastic for carrying around all your essential files and notes for both work and play. You can have personal and business contacts, important work information, music, photos and apps that serve all kinds of purposes. But with all that on your phone, it can make you feel even less organized, rather than more so. If you want your smartphone to be practical and help you organize your life, you need to buy the right model and use it in the correct way. It’s up to you to make the most of your phone, so keep your life on track using these smartphone tips.

Sort Out Your Contacts

Some people only have a few numbers on their phone, and can easily identify who they want to call in a split second. But if you’re quick to collect people’s digits, for whatever reason, you could end up with hundreds of numbers to scroll through. Keeping your contacts organized is essential if you want to be able to access them quickly and avoid mixing them up. One of the things you can look at to help you is dual sim phones. These are especially useful if you have two sets of contacts you want to keep separate. For example, you can have friends and family on one sim card and business contacts or people you meet traveling on the other.

Select Apps Carefully and Purge Regularly

It’s surprising how quickly your phone can fill up with hundreds of apps. You discover new ones and think how useful they could be, so you download them to your smartphone. But before long you can’t find the ones you need because they’re buried under apps you don’t even use. Although you can organize your apps, it’s also a good idea to make sure you get rid of the ones that aren’t useful. Before you download something, think about whether it will be helpful for you. Every few months, you can go through your phone and delete anything you don’t use to clear up some space.

Make the Most of the Apps You Have

If you’ve carefully selected the apps that you think are most useful to you, make sure you receive the benefit of them. If you aren’t using them, either resolve to do so or delete them. There are so many ways you can stay organized using your phone. They range from keeping notes and viewing documents to getting directions and creating a calendar of appointments. Choose the apps that are most useful to you in running your life.

Keep Your Phone Running Smoothly

Lots of useful apps on your phone can have an effect on how well it runs. If you can see it beginning to slow down or lose battery faster, try some of the productivity apps available to help. You can find ones that track your energy use or your memory, or ensure your phone stays free of viruses. Use an uninstaller app to make it easier to delete what you’re not using.

Your phone is only useful for keeping you organized if it’s organized itself. Make sure you don’t let it become a mess of too many apps and files.

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