Drift HD Ghost Sports Helmet Camera

Drift innovation, the company behind the Drift HD stealth Camera, introduces you to it’s new offering. Behold…the Drift HD Ghost! This camera has a host of impressive features, such as it’s two way remote, Built in huge LCD screen (also scratchproof), video tagging, Wi-fi, and water resistance! This is a full HD action camera, also including mounts and accessories. Expect all this for only £299.99! Purchase this item this easter and receive an action box case and innovation drift t-shirt, completely free! While stocks last.

More on the features? Ok then…

  • The two way remote control also features LED light’s and wrist strap, with 10m range
  • The scratch proof “gorilla” glass LCD screen is 2 inches large and has 3d icons
  • Make use of the continuous loop video or “video tagging”
  • Wi-fi compatibility with new drift app  – available for iOS
  • 3 hours standard battery life, 2 hours with wi-fi enabled – Extra long!
  • 3m of waterproof camera AND waterproof remote control
  • Epic slow motion capabilities
  • works with all drift mounts
  • 11 MP still photos, 10 photos per second burst and time lapse

All this included in an amazingly lightweight sports camera.

But, what do customers say about it? Take a look at this amazing feedback!

“Great colour accuracy compared to it’s predecessor. Very well built! You could seriously abuse this camera without any damage occurring!” – 4 stars

“The quality images the ghost has given from our ski- trip are second to none. Best I have ever used!” – 5 stars

“Very discreet compared to other cameras I have used. The remote works incredibly well and the screen is amazing. The battery life is immense too. Really good mounting options. I have recommended this camera to all my friends, and i know one is ordering for his ski trip in may. Will be ordering from you again soon. What a piece of kit!” – 5 stars

“This camera has more tricks up it’s sleeve than David Blaine. Or maybe a good magician. It really delivers, and still has so much more to offer! Thank You so much” – 5 stars

“This camera is easily the best all rounder. In terms of quality, features, and usability it is second to none. I could not be happier with the product or service. Keep up the good work!”  – 5 stars

The Drift HD Ghost sports camera is obviously a world class sports camera. With all the features, reviews/feedback, not to mention the amazing price this is a camera you simply cannot afford to miss. Don’t forget the additional extras such as Choosing an accessory, adding an external mic and adding a micro SD card. With the purchase of this amazing camera you will also receive your free innovation t-shirt and action box storage case, so what are you waiting for?

What would you use this Camera for?

As well as obviously being a firm favourite with sports fans such as Motocross Riders and Mountain bikers cameras like these are becoming increasingly popular to use as a dashboard camera in your car or vehicle. With the increase in false vehicle claims being made and the number of people being sued for personal injury many motorists are using cameras like these to catch the culprits and provide evidence against insurance claims. Insurance companies are also offering to install a kind of incident management software or the black box insurance as its otherwise known to help monitor drivers behaviour.

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