Does Your Business Need The Cloud? Yes It Does



As technology is getting better, more businesses are becoming wary of investing. On the face of it, the logic doesn’t make any sense. But, lots of firms are skeptical about technology and don’t have any trust. Plus, they also want to succeed without the ‘next best thing’ so that they can rub it in people’s faces. When it comes to the cloud, your business cannot afford to omit it from your resources. Without it, you could find yourself in a spot of bother. Carry on reading to find out more.

Reason 1: Save Money On Infrastructure

How much money does your company spend on buying and installing new servers? For the average firm, the answer is thousands of dollars. The problem with physical data storage solutions is that they cost money and take up space. Both of these are things that you want to avoid, but the money is especially problematic. With the help of Tier Point, you don’t have to worry about storing data any longer. All you have to do is upload it the cloud, which is usually free or very cheap.

Reason 2: Creates More Space

Once you get rid of the data centers, there is a lot more space at your disposal. And, space is a big issue when it comes to your working environment. If you have lots of servers stacked up throughout the office, the environment may be drab and boring. That has an effect on everyone that works in the office with regards to their work levels. Basically, they don’t work as hard as they should because the atmosphere doesn’t encourage hard work. However, with more space you can create a more enjoyable workspace and boost productivity.

Reason 3: Reduce The Size Of Your IT Department

As an SME, you are always struggling with cuts. The one big bill that you want to cut is the wage bill, yet it is important to your success. However, you can reduce your wage bill with the cloud and still operate at a high level. The cloud is very easy to manage, which means you will need fewer people. In fact, you may not need any because you can operate the cloud from your laptop all by yourself. The key to success is saving money and operating at a level, both of which are factors with the cloud.

Reason 4: Protection

Okay, the cloud is vulnerable to hackers. However, that is easy to remedy: encrypt the data. Even if someone can get past your security protocols, they won’t be able to read the data. The cloud also offers a wide range of protection from natural disasters or a power failure. Even your employees can’t cause any damage as they can’t access it without your permission. On the whole, the cloud is much safer than physical data storage. To be sure, backup the data onto a portable memory stick and keep that safe.

As you can see, the cloud can benefit your business in lots of ways. Go on then – what are you waiting for?


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