Developers Flock To Turn Out Windows Phone 7 Apps

What overshadows speculation about an iPhone for Verizon Wireless? Only the Windows Phone 7 launch on Monday. Analysts around the world are offering opinions on the new mobile operating system even as developers begin rolling out apps.

eBay is among the first to announce an application for Windows Phone 7. The online auctioneer’s mobile app aims to drive searching, buying and bidding on devices sporting the new operating system. The app leverages Microsoft’s panoramic user interface so shoppers can slide through eBay activities and receive real-time alerts on the home screen.

Cardmobili has launched a mobile loyalty application that lets Windows Phone 7 users sort their loyalty and membership cards by favorites. And Barboga got of the gaming gate early with Zombies, its launch title for Windows Phone 7.

The point is that developers are clearly showing interest in the new platform, a good sign for Microsoft as it moves to compete in a smartphone world that is largely driven by apps.

Attracting Developers

Al Hilwa, an analyst at IDC, is impressed with the international aspect of the launch, the number of competitive devices using Windows Phone 7 out of the gate, and the potential the new OS offers for developers.

“The development environment and the new UI are probably the two greatest things about this platform at this time. The dev environment really raises the bar on productivity for mobile developers,” Hilwa said. “The UI is innovative in the sense that it takes advantage of those precious few seconds when the eye hits the glass, actually starting to work right away.”

Given the developer interest at launch, Hilwa said he has no doubt there will be several thousand apps available for Windows Phone 7 six months from now. What’s more, he said, developers appear to be covering the basics of popular apps.

“The new angle…

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