The Coolest Tech That Businesses Are Now Adopting

Business is becoming more and more reliant on new tech. Previously futuristic ideas such as video-calling are now commonplace in most offices, providing a cheap and time-saving way of conducting meetings. Other gadgets are also improving efficiency and cutting costs in ways never envisaged before until now. Here are some of those gadgets.


These remote-control flying machines have been around a while, but only recently has digital technology allowed these to be accurately piloted for professional use. Many know of their notorious use in the military, but drones are now finding their way more commonly into the civilian sector. Their ability to take videos and photographs has made them popular in the journalistic world for taking aerial shots of hard to access places. They’ve more recently been used in real estate to take aerial photos of properties and are more frequently being used by construction companies to survey inaccessible angles of buildings and have a clearer overall image of the result. Many companies such as Coptrz sell drones to businesses, as well as offering training and insurance – as much as we’d probably all want one, they’re not toys!

3D Printers

Many manufacturing businesses have been buying 3D printers as a way of easily batch-producing ordinarily complex parts. Gradually they are finding more and more uses. Orthodontists are using them to sculpt accurate models of retainers. Some repair companies use them to print off hard-to-find spare parts. They can even be used to produce personalised gifts.

Smart Wallet

The Wocket Smart Wallet is a useful tool for travelling businessmen with multiple cards. You no longer need to worry about carrying all these cards around with you – the smart wallet contains just one card that you can programme with the details of all your other cards, choosing from which card you want to make the transaction before you make a payment. It’s very secure and will cut down the clutter in your wallet.

Solar chargers

Solar power has opened up many possibilities. Whilst expensive to set up, you can run your whole office off of solar power and never have to pay an electricity bill again. Other companies will invest in a single solar power plug socket that connects to a local solar farm. Perhaps the cheapest method of solar power is solar chargers however. If you’re working outside on your laptop, you can plug it into your solar charger and not have to worry about rushing indoors somewhere to find a plug point. It’s practically a portable charger that charges itself.

Pocket printer

The ZutaLabs Pocket Printer is a very unique portable tool that practically allows you to print on the go. The device moves across a sheet of paper, printing your document or diagram for you wherever you may be. The battery lasts long enough for an hour of printing. You know longer need to wait until you’re back on the office to print off a contract (it will certainly wow a few clients).

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