Coolest features in iOS 11 that you will love

It’s not been that long that we saw the first iPhone in the market for general users. Even if the huge number of iPhone owners is impressive, the more impressive thing to understand is the short period of time that it took for Apple to come to this position that now it’s one of the top 3 smart phone manufacturer in the world. Definitely the hard work of former SEO of Apple Steve Jobs made this company grow this fast and become this popular but there is something unique about iPhone that general public just loves. The minute they hear about a new smart phone model, everyone goes crazy to buy it instantly and this trend is not going to change in near future.

Although we have seen some top of the line and very impressive smart phone models and other gadgets from Apple but still the unique thing about iPhone is the iOS. This is a custom made operating system just for Apple smart phones and other gadgets i.e. iPad, Apple watch and iPod. The previous versions of iOS are all very impressive but there were always some missing parts or features that the company tried to fill with updates. It’s just been a few months that Apple realized that they need a new and more advanced operating system for their smart phones and finally iOS 11 is here. According to a recent news published on nogentech bog, it will be released to general public in a few weeks and the upcoming models of iPhone will be equipped with iOS 11 until the time a new and better operating system is invented. Take a look below on some of the coolest features of iOS 11.

Some of the coolest features of iOS 11:

  1. Siri is improved in iOS 11:

Siri is the voice behind the operating system of the iPhone or you can say that it’s the virtual assistant that helps iPhone owners with daily tasks. Even if it’s hard to imagine, in iOS 11, Siri is made better. This application has got a new and better voice along with more advanced understanding of human voices. With this application, now Siri will be able to directly translate your spoken language into top 5 languages in the world and Apple has stated that soon they will add more languages to this list. With the recent updates, now you can even edit your voice command with typing via keyboard on the phone.

  1. Do not disturb update:

This is yet another cool feature of iOS 11. There aren’t many features of operating systems that can actually do something about saving lives but this one is specifically designed to do so. With this feature enabled, your mobile will be silent while you drive. If you receive a phone call or text message, an automated text will be send to the other person letting them know that it’s not safe for you to respond because you are driving.

  1. Customized control center:

In the previous versions, Apple did some effort to upgrade the control center but still there were some parts missing. There were many comments about the application in the control center consisting of two pages instead of one and it was difficult to handle. If you want to open a specific application and it’s on the second page, it was irritating. With this new upgrade, now you have the option to customize the control center. This means you can put the more important applications and gadgets on the first screen and you can even put them in the manner you like.

  1. Drag and drop option:

If you are using multiple Apple products i.e. iPhone and iPad, now it’s very easy to share stuff on other gadgets with the iOS 11 update. Whether you are using two gadgets side by side or the other device is just sitting aside, now you can share the pictures, videos, other files and most importantly, web links just by dragging them and dropping them towards the other device.


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