Company Of Heroes: All You Need To Know To Rule The Game

Company of heroes is by far one of the best RTS games ever made. It received rave reviews when it was released, and now the second installment is sweeping the word and sucking people up into its majestic strategical advances across war torn Europe. There are all kinds of ways to play video games these days, but whatever you do, give COH a try because it is not to be missed. It is an awesome one player experience but it can be pretty daunting online primarily because some people are just so good. You’ll get beat a fair few times before notching up your first win, but this guide can help you do better.

Set Up Your Area

You need to set up your hotkeys and learn what each key actually does. Then you need to make sure you are comfortable because sometimes online games can go on for quite some time. Try and ensure you have the right kind of monitor, one wide enough to show all you need to see, including additional tabs and the buttons to really give you the edge. You can find out more about the better monitors here. Once you are comfortable and have set up your area you can give it your best shot.

Know The Map

You need to know the map before you get to into the game. If you know the choke points and the better resource capture points then you will know how to attack and defend. Learn about the more popular maps. You’ll pick up tips and tricks through experience, but if you start without knowing the maps you are likely to get totally slaughtered.

Pick The Right Doctrine

You can’t always pick the right faction because you will be placed onto a certain team in matchmaking, but what you can do is pick the correct doctrine that suits your playing style. Do this early on and start buying the benefits as soon as you possible can. Only this way can you reap the rewards. Don’t save points, such keep spending as some of the abilities are passive while others are active. Some need to be used in conjunction with each other too. For example, if you choose the air doctrine with america, you’ll need to spend munitions on a recce before sending in a firing run. These are two separate abilities. Choose what you are familiar with and it can help you succeed.

Early Gameplay

This is where the game can be decided. You need to act quickly so you aren’t forced back into a slog battle of attrition. Send out your first engineer unit to the mid mappoint and try to capture a point there. Do this with your next unit of engineers and only start building with the third set. This gets you a foothold out in the land and stops the enemy getting close. With the building you can start fielding troops and taking over more areas of the battlefield. Get a sniper or sniper team out into the world as soon as possible as they can take down two or three men before getting killed themselves and work as great scouts, meaning you know what is going on in the warzone and aren’t surprised by anything nasty. Rush towards your tank units as fast as possible and then take the fight to the enemy. Don’t go with just infantry as they will be cut up by pillbox emplacements.

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