Communication Apps Every Smartphone Must Have!

Mobile phones have undergone serious upgrades in the last ten or so years. With all the fancy tech, it’s easy to forget what they’re meant for. Mobile phones were invented to help with communication on the move. And despite all the new gadgets, communication is still a key part of smartphones today.

Here are some important communication apps that everyone should have on their phone:


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Email Apps

Email has been around for so long it feels like an old thing. It almost seems outdated in the current technological climate! But, email is still super important to everyday life, especially if you’re working. You can download various email apps that get your mail sent straight to your phone. They come with push notifications so you’ll always be alerted to a new email. Some apps allow you to sync more than one email account. This means you can get your work email, and personal email, sent to the same messaging app. It’s helpful if you have accounts with different providers, so you don’t have to download two separate apps!

Instant Messaging Apps

There are loads of instant messaging apps out there these days. Back in the day, you’d just use your built in messaging service to text friends and family. The drawback with this feature was that it cost you money every time you sent a message. Nowadays, you can get a messaging app for very little money, and it’s free to send messages. Apps like Whatsapp allow you to send messages for free, and all you need is an internet connection. It’s a much better, and cost effective, way of sending messages to people! Of course, it only works if other people have the same app as you. You can’t Whatsapp someone if they don’t have the app on their phone.

Phone Book Apps

I’d bet that over half of you don’t have some sort of phone book app on your smartphone. You probably think there’s no point to them. But, there are lots of phone book apps out there that have some great uses. You can download ones that show you contact information for people and places in a city of your choice. Also, some come with a feature that shows you all the numbers you shouldn’t answer. These are normally annoying cold callers and people selling you stuff. When you know about these numbers, you can block them to stop them calling you!


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Social Media Apps

One of the most popular ways of communicating with others is through social media. A quick browse on the Appstore or Google Play and you’ll find many social media apps. These are usually the most downloaded apps on both stores; everybody has them. What makes these apps great is that they’re an easy way to stay in touch with people on the go. You can post statuses and tweets, and communicate with others, all while walking down the street. Plus, they normally have their own messaging service built into the app. So, you can chat with friends through that medium too.

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