Cloud Computing: 10 Reasons You Should Make The Switch

Why use cloud computing?

Heard of cloud computing but not entirely sure of what it is or the benefits? In layman’s terms, cloud computing is computing based on the internet. In the past, people would use programs downloaded to a physical machine, cloud computing allows access to the same kind of programs on the internet. Cloud computing can improve efficiency and help improve cash flow amongst other things. In this article I’m going to give you 10 reasons why you should move over to the cloud!

1. The cloud is flexible

A cloud based service can instantly meet the demand for more bandwidth, due to the large capacity of the services remote servers. When asked, 65% of respondents said “the ability to quickly meet business demands” was an important reason to move over to the cloud.

2. Disaster recovery

Forget your complex disaster recovery plans! When you rely on cloud based services, they take care of most issues and do it a lot faster. On average disasters were recitfied in just 2.1 hours. That’s four times faster than businesses that don’t use the cloud.

3. Automatic software updates

Cloud computing suppliers do all the hard work for you, server maintenance and security updates! This leaves you with more time for other important tasks (approximately 18 working days according to a survey in 2010).

4. Capital Expenditure Free

Cloud computing services are usually pay as you go. Because cloud computing is a lot faster to deploy, you have minimal project start up costs and ongoing operating expenses you are able to predict.

5. Increased collaboration

Cloud computing allows employees to simultaneously work on documents and shared apps. A survey found that companies which invested in this technology had a 400% return on investment!

6. Work from anywhere

Yes that’s right – Anywhere! As long as you have an internet connection, you can work from absolutely anywhere. This flexibility affects workers work life and productivity positively.

7. Document control

73% of knowledge workers collaborate with people in different time zones and regions at least monthly, according to a study. For a company that does not use the cloud, two people working on a document must send it backwards and forwards, and it ends up with lots of different names and formats. With cloud computing the files are kept in one central location, and everyone works off of one central copy. Employees can even chat to each other while making changes on a document together. This whole process strengthens a companys collaboration, increasing efficiency!

8. Security

Around 800,000 laptops are lost in airports each year alone. This can bring up some pretty big complications, buying new machines and re-doing tedious and difficult work. However, all files are stored safely on the cloud, and data can still be accessed no matter what happens to your machine. Breathe a sigh of relief!

9. Competitiveness

The cloud allows smaller companies to act much faster than established competitors. A study which was conducted on disaster recovery concluded that companies that didn’t use cloud had to rely on complicated procedures to recover – things that cloud users do not have to use!

10. Environmentally friendly

Cloud computing only uses up server space needed, thus decreasing their carbon footprint! Moving to the cloud uses at least 30% less energy. For small companies the cut in energy and carbon emissions can be up to 90%. Woah! What better reason to move over to the cloud?

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