Chatter Free Lets Salesforce Users Chat with Colleagues on Tuesday rolled out a new edition of Salesforce Chatter that is completely free. Chatter Free lets any Salesforce user invite colleagues to collaborate with Salesforce Chatter.

Chatter is an enterprise collaboration app and platform that leverages the social features made popular by Facebook and Twitter — such as profiles, status updates, and real-time feeds. Chatter lets employees “follow” documents, people, business processes, and application data. characterizes Chatter as a Cloud 2.0 app. Cloud 2 came onto the scene with consumer social-networking sites like Facebook and Twitter that people use every day to connect and collaborate with friends and family. Chatter aims to bring that level of sharing to the corporate world to drive productivity gains with social collaboration.

“The industry’s reception of Salesforce Chatter has blown away our expectations,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of “The fact that more than 60,000 enterprises have deployed Chatter within the first five months is amazing, and the Chatter Free social invites are going to take Chatter enterprise-wide.”

Chatter in Action

Joining Salesforce Chatter and Chatter Plus in’s social-collaboration suite, Chatter Free lets enterprises extend the social-collaboration technology to every employee within an organization. But Chatter Free uses the social-invitation model Facebook made popular.

“Salesforce Chatter has been transformative in how business value can be derived from social technology,” said Denis Pombriant, managing principal at Beagle Research Group. “With embracing the social-invitation model that helped Facebook reach half a billion users, Chatter Free will unlock productivity across the workplace for customers. It may also be the seminal offering that enables to create deeper relationships than ever before with its customers.”

Any Salesforce user can invite any colleague — even those who aren’t Salesforce users — to collaborate with Chatter. The goal is to create a network effect, as the pool of…

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