Building a Website: Things You Must Do and Things You Mustn’t

Today, if you want your brand to succeed, having an online presence is a must. Small brands can function efficiently through social media channels but this often keeps them from being taken seriously.

Hence, you need to pay attention to web development and create a unique website for our company. Here are a few do’s and don’ts.

DO Know the Functionality of Your Website

Do you want your website to act as an online shopping platform, an idea generator or do you simply want to create brand awareness? Before you start building a website, you need to know what you want your website to do. This will determine the type of website best suited to you. You can’t please everyone and hence it is only when you know who your website is targeting can you focus on what it actually needs.


There are many things you should be doing on your own as a brand proprietor. Building your website is not one of them unless you consider yourself a website building wizard. Your website will be the first thing many people see about your brand and everyone knows that first impressions matter. Hence, leave the actually designing and building of the website to a professional. That said, it is also important to trust the people building your website.

DO Use Open Source Tools

When building a website you can either use special content management system owned by a company or open source programs. With the former, you are limited to working with only one system and have to pay hefty licensing fees. When it comes to open source tools, any developer can work with them and they cost you nothing much. You can include individual widgets such as donation software, allowing readers, customers and supporters to donate to you.

DON’T Steal Content

Invest in original content. You can look at your competitor’s pages and note things that you like but never copy anything verbatim. If you’re selling clothes, toys, furniture etc, get good product photographs taken and write unique descriptions for each product. Make sure your product dimensions and other specifications are correct. If your brand offers a range of services, describe each in detail. You don’t need to wait for your website to be built before you can start developing content. Work at both simultaneously to save time.

DO focus on SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization ranking are the difference between being just another brand and ‘the’ brand. You will need an in house SEO expert but you should learn everything you can about it as well. With good SEO, your brand will be marketing itself automatically.

DON’T Expect Visitors Overnight

It is only in movies that within 24 hours, a website has a million clicks. Be patient. In fact, for the first few days after your website has been made live, don’t advertise it. Instead, introduce it to close friends and family. Ask them to interact with the website and get feedback on things that need improvement. At the same time, know that things will never be completely perfect and so don’t wait too long.

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