Bugaboo for iPhone Aims To Make Web App Debugging A Bit Less Painful

Whenever I’m hanging around any new people who seem even slightly tech-minded, I try to avoid mentioning who I work for. Now, I don’t mean that in a shady way — it’s not because I’m scheming away, waiting for them to slip-up and say something I can turn into a story. It’s because it pretty much always takes the conversation down the exact same road:

“Oh, you write for TechCrunch? Cool!” Then there’s a moment or two of silence as the gears turn and they think back through everything they’ve said, then “Sooo.. how do I get [insert product name here] on TechCrunch?” Then all the people in the group who don’t have startups or products slink away as I try to conjure up an official-sounding response.

The answer varies a bit each time (the easiest route, honestly, is to just make an awesome pitch to our tips email), but the guy behind a new web debugging iPhone app, Bugaboo, found a pretty novel way: through our IT guy.

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