Breaking: Skype To Appoint A New CEO

Skype is taking another step towards becoming a public company today with the appointment of a new CEO. We don’t yet know who it is, but the announcement should be coming out shortly. Skype’s current CEO, Josh Silverman, will be moving on.

The company recently filed to go public in August. And while there were rumors that a company like Cisco might buy it, adding a new CEO at this time points more strongly in the direction of an IPO.

Skype is on track to pass $1 billion in revenues next year (its revenue run-rate for 2010 is $800 million). In June, Skype was averaging 124 million active users a month, but only 8.1 million o them were paying. Skype has the scale it needs to negotiate lower telecom connection fees around the world, but it needs to ramp up the number of paying customers and convert more free users.

More details to come . . .

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