Awesome Reasons to Switch From PC to Mac

It seems almost as if the rivalry is as old as time: the battle between PC and Mac fans. Both operating systems have their pros and cons, and each of them has its dedicated users. However, many people consider moving from PC to Mac but are unsure because they only know the former system. If you’ve been using the same thing for your whole life, it’s not surprising if you’re reluctant to change. What if you switch over, to a more expensive computer no less, and decide that a Mac isn’t for you after all? Many Windows PC users have found themselves growing more frustrated with every new release of the operating system and are deciding it’s time to take the plunge. But why should you switch to an Apple Mac?

Longer Lasting

On average, a PC laptop will last about two to three years. If you care for it extremely well, it could last longer. An Apple MacBook, on the other hand, could last you five years or more. A desktop PC will live for longer, but a Mac will last you longer still. So, although a Mac is quite a bit more expensive than a PC, the investment is worth it. You won’t be buying a new computer every couple of years, which is much better for you bank balance and kinder to the environment.


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Less Risk of Infection

PCs running on Windows can have terrible problems with malicious content. Whether it’s a virus, malware or spyware, it can be difficult to protect your computer completely. Macs are much less at risk of being exposed to a virus or similar. They have several features that help stop your Mac getting infected, plus people don’t bother creating bugs and malicious content for Macs as much as for Windows. It’s also easy to get rid of unwanted files and keep your system clean. Check out this Mac Keeper review to see how you can keep your Mac running smoothly.

Longer Battery Life

If you choose to buy a MacBook, the battery will run for longer than on a laptop PC. The battery on the MacBook Pro 13in will go for nearly 10 and a half hours before it’s out of juice. Windows PCs, on the other hand, fall hours short of this lofty height. You can’t swap the battery on as MacBook, but there aren’t many people who do so with a PC, despite the feature.

Great for Creatives

The famous ‘Mac vs. PC’ adverts put focus on how good Apple’s operating system and machines are for creative use. Macs are certainly popular among creative professionals, from graphic designers to web developers. The Mac App Store has tons of brilliant apps for creative people, and Mac screens provide excellent displays for visual creatives. But that’s not to say you can’t get your work done on one too. You can still do word processing, create spreadsheets and presentations, and make marketing materials.


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