Awesome Games That Don’t Require A Controller Or A Screen

We’re all about the latest and greatest technological development in gaming. From virtual reality to Cloud based sharing systems, we’re approaching some pretty exciting platforms for new gaming experiences. But a lot of gamers miss the social aspect of older games that are pretty hard to find and impossible to replace with online gaming. But your next social gaming love might not be on your consoles or you PC at all. Instead, it might be with a few friends gathered around a table.


The classic

When you talk about nerdy games that don’t rely a gaming device of any kind, there’s an option that a lot of people will immediately think of. Dungeons and Dragons. Roleplaying games are among some of the most inventive and imaginative out there. They can be very rule heavy and confusing even after a few years of play. But the appeal to trade off is that you can do pretty much anything you like in them. So long as the players and the dungeon master get along well, it’s a breeding ground for improvisation and cooperative storytelling that can make it one of the most memorable experiences to get into as a group.

Beating them on the field

Perhaps you’re not feeling quite so cooperative. Perhaps you’re feeling a lot more competitive and you like the idea of rubbing your friends’ faces in it. To that end, tabletop strategy games might be more along your ally. There are a lot of different games, from using settings like Warhammer 40k or even engaging in fights in your favorite franchises like Star Wars with X Wing Miniatures. For those who love combat and tactics, these are the kind of games that put you in the command of an army and give you only one objective: outsmart your opponent. The collectable nature of tabletop strategy not only makes them pleasing for the completionist out there but also customizable to each individual player’s tastes.

Start a game night

If your friends don’t seem like the kind of people to get too invested in playing the same game in the long term and exploring all its depths, then perhaps adding a little variety might be the best option. Think about starting a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly board game night with your friends. But we’re not talking about the kind of board games that kids are likely to fully understand. Instead, consider games like Game of Thrones Risk, Settlers of Catan, and card based games like Cards Against Humanity. That way, you can add a bit of variation to the experiences, while the rulesets tend to remain a bit less taxing than roleplaying or tabletop strategy games.

There are options for players of all kinds outside of the digital world. From collaborative storytelling to strategic and climactic battles. The element of social interaction and imagination is what makes these kinds of games truly a blast for everyone involved. So, try setting up a game night and floating these ideas out to see what your friends think.


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