Auto Trader App for the iPhone: Our Review

Auto Trader has been one of the UK’s favourite sites to view new and used cars to buy; not only can you do this, but if you are looking to sell your car you can easily compare prices of what you can expect to get if you were to sell yours. There are other options when selling your car like using We Buy Any Car or someone similar but the Auto Trader app is not only used for these reasons.


First of all the Auto Trader app is free to use and free to sign up with an account; therefore any saved vehicles and contacts can be accessed both on the iPhone or the PC depending on where and what you may be using.

App Functions

When you first open the app, you are asked if the app can use your location, it is best to select yes to this to help find vehicles within your surrounding location.

At the top of the app, you have the option to search for either a car or a bike and under this is a bar for you saved searches, which you can view at any time. Then it is pretty straight forward in choosing whether you are looking for used, new or nearly new with filters to easily select. Next choose your make then model; choose the distance you wish to find the vehicle within; set the price and press search. You then get presented with a list of cars or bikes new or used depending on your preferences.

App Screen Shots from iTunes


What We Liked

We found this very easy to use and was quick in bringing up our search results. What we also liked was when you choose the make of the vehicle, you have two scroll down menus, side by side; one for the beginning letter and the other for the make corresponding to that letter. This makes it easier to search for the make of your choice, rather than scrolling through the numerous amounts that are on there.

The results are easy to see, and you get 10 vehicles per page, the basic details of the make, model, age, mileage and price of the car are displayed clearly with a picture. By clicking on the particular ad you can find the more detailed information including insurance group information which is really useful for when you are looking to get car or motor trade insurance. You can also see contact details easily with great tap to call and email functionality directly from within the app.

On the home screen where you first do your search, there is an advanced search button, so if you are looking for something more specific, this is where you go to; your advanced options are:

  • Colour
  • Age
  • Mileage
  • Fuel type
  • Transmission
  • Body type
  • No. of doors
  • Engine size
  • Seller type
  • You can also add in any keywords, for example Tdi Sport.

Other features on the home page include the near me option, which gives you a map of the nearest new or used car dealers to you; clicking on the red pin brings up their details or go to the list view.

You can check history of the car that you are thinking of purchasing, this will bring up certain information to verify the make, model and colour, for a more detailed search this is chargeable of £3.99.

All in all we found this app to be really useful and easy to use, great for anyone wanting to buy a car or bike with ease.

Click here to download or view more information on the Auto Trader app.

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