Are you looking for an experiential agency in London?

Experiential agencies specialize in providing all manner of promotion and marketing for events and event preparations, usually reserved for larger organizations.  The services rendered by experiential agencies are considered to be essential by highly visible businesses and professional organizations.  For example, movie studios, TV shows, Networks, magazines and other entertainment-related companies all rely on the services of experiential agencies from time to time to promote their stories, programming or events.

If you’re seeking an experiential agency in London then you’re in luck.  Some of the best experiential agencies just so happen to be London-based:

Iris Worldwide

Iris has offices around the world and are one of the most visible and well-respected agencies as well.  They recently helped Heineken bring home a D&AD award.


You’d be hard-pressed to find another experiential agency which can bring more fun to the table than Hotcow.  Whether its guerrilla marketing, crazy stunts, roadshows or even word-of-mouth generated promotion you’re after, Hotcow is there.


RPM is the kind of marketing group that is primarily concerned with taking believable brands and exposing them to a wider customer base.  In other words, if you really have something of value to sell, RPM can definitely put it in front of the right audience.


Woof is a London-based experiential agency that’s all about fun and creativity.  Where other organizations might be inclined to garner attention through negative actions, Woof is adamant about forging solutions that are both positive and extremely creative at the same time.

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