A Quick Chat With Google TV’s Lead Dev About The Network Blockade, Apps, And Google TV Hitting The PS3

In my mind, Google TV is about the most interesting product idea in recent gadget history. It’s poised, ready, not to disrupt the TV industry, but rather provide consumers true on-demand options with no extra work on the networks’ part. There’s nothing particularly novel about Google TV, but the whole concept is wrapped up as such a nice package that’s it’s hard not to like it — that is, if you can look past the first generation jitters. The platform isn’t particularly ready for general consumption just yet as it seems it fell victim Google’s “release early, release often” mantra. But it’s only going to get better with each release.

I spent some time this afternoon talking to Google TV’s lead developer, Rishi Chandra, about what’s wrong with the platform today and where it’s going. Let’s just say my interest was restored. Google TV will live up to its potential.

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