A little about me…

Hello, TechGoo followers!

I am Faracon, fellow gamer/techie/otaku/(insert other nerd-like noun here). I am 21, grew up like most of you with a controller in my hand.

Im writing this because I feel, and some of you might feel, that I like to know who I’m reading all these articles from. Where did they learn this? What gives them the ability to waltz in here, all willy-nilly, and tell me about something? They should atleast know about it themselves, such as college training, or their actual profession, or family business, something that connects them to what their talking about on a level deeper then just the words they write. I always found it strange when ,say, a public health expert talks about a decline in stocks due to rise in outsourcing. Two totally different worlds brought together because the public health expert thought he knew what he was talking about. Do I know I know if he’s right? He changes IV’s for a living, not reading pie charts about mezzanine finances and employee displacement.

But I digress. Sorry if I ranted on about absolutely nothing.

I grew up, like I said, with a controller in my hand. I played video games and watched tv all my life. Played in a rock band, joined the army, got a few IT certifications, did some government work, and now I live in Florida, gettin ready to ship to Japan due to the military.

When I finally get to Japan, I’ll start a daily blog about my adventures in the Land of The Rising Sun, but that is a month or two off. Until then I’ll start with articles on kewl stuff and stuff I think you should know.

When Im not working, working-out, doin army stuff, playing video games, searching the net, eating, drinking,  or sleeping, I am post information about Networking and IT related things at Binary Value (link at the top)

If you want something investigated or wanna hear some news about an upcoming game, let me know, and I’ll be sure to fulfill your request to the best of my abilities. Until then I’ll keep you all posted of kewl music, art, games, tech, and well…other kewl stuff.

If you have any questions of me, post ’em below.  Thanks.

‘Noblesse Oblige’

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