8 Must have Gadgets for Computer Geeks

For some people, computers are just a tool they use at work that enables them to complete certain tasks. And for other people, computers are more than just a tool – they are a big part of who they are and what they are about. If you are a self-confessed computer geek, you ought to check out this list of eight must-have gadgets!

Samsung 840 Series 250GB Solid-State Drive

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Let’s face it; solid-state drives or SSDs are the future of data storage. Even the fastest production hard drive is no match for the speed and reliability of an SSD. In case you didn’t know, SSDs are essentially flash storage devices – kind of like having a huge capacity, internal USB flash drive, but utilising SATA III speeds.

Many people are opting to use SSDs in their desktops and laptops, even Apple use them as standard in some of their Mac computers. And with the price of SSDs dropping, they are becoming a much more affordable upgrade. Even an ancient computer with internal SATA connections can be supercharged with a SSD drive.

The Samsung 840 series 250GB SSD can be had for just £135, that’s a mere 54p per gigabyte! Trust us when we say that once you’ve gone for a SSD, you will never want a computer with a mechanical hard drive again!

Apple Thunderbolt Display

Image by Apple

Now this is a really cool (albeit pricey) gadget for all you MacBook geeks out there. The Apple Thunderbolt Display is a 27-inch LED backlit monitor that also doubles up as a docking station for modern MacBooks that have a Thunderbolt port on them.

With this monitor, you can use it to charge your MacBook, send out audio and video from it, and you can also connect any USB and FireWire devices to the monitor as well as an Ethernet cable, so you don’t have loads of different leads going to your MacBook. So if you have got £900 burning a hole in your pocket, and you are a MacBook owner, go and buy this monitor today!

Erasable Memo Pad with 4 USB Ports

Image by RED5

If your desk is littered with post-it notes and you are looking for a more eco friendly solution to remind yourself to do things, then what you need is an erasable memo pad in your life.

Simply make a note on it and when you want to remind yourself about something new, just use the slider to clear the display. It doesn’t need batteries, and as a bonus it also acts as a 4 port USB hub – how clever is that!

Mobile Desk

Image by Opulent Items

Putting a whole new spin on the term “hot-desking”, this mobile desk enables you to sit down and work at your laptop. This might sound like nothing particularly interesting or innovative, but did we mention that it is a combined desk and chair on wheels?

This is definitely a productivity tool – why get up to go somewhere from your desk and laptop, and then walk back to your desk when you can simply take your chair, desk and laptop with you all at the same time! People in IT project manager jobs might find this useful in open plan offices, wheeling around to each member of their team and seeing how they’re getting on whilst still being able to work on his or her own laptop! There is also a two-user version available if you have a workmate or friend that’s equally as lazy (sorry – we meant to say “interested in improving productivity”).

Logitech G19S Gaming Keyboard

Image by Logitech

If you use your PC for gaming, then the Logitech G19S is the keyboard for you. It features an LCD screen for viewing critical in-game data, system status and more. There are also 12 programmable keys, and custom colour backlighting too.

Sennheiser HD650 Reference Headphones

Image by Amazon

The Sennheiser HD 650 is one of the best headphones that money can buy. Developed with premium materials for the ultimate in sound reproduction, they captivate the listener with their responsiveness and provide absolute precision and lifelike reproduction.

Quirky Converge – Rest and Charge Your Gadgets

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The perfect compliment to a computer geek’s collection of gadgets, the Quirky Converge is a docking station that lets you show off your gadgets while they charge. The “Stash” cable management system lets you hide those unsightly cables, and has enough room to charge 4 devices simultaneously.

Apple iPad with Retina Display

Image by Apple

The Apple iPad with Retina display is one of the world’s best selling tablets. They are powerful, sleek, multi-functional, and of course compliment your existing Apple hardware. This is the perfect gadget to have when you’re on the move, or just want to use a computer from the comfort of your sofa!

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