7 Unusual Tech DIY Projects to Get Your Teeth Into

Many of us love to get stuck in and build or create our own little projects from time to time, whether that be adapting some furniture to suit our particular requirements or just making something from scratch, it has to be said that us British are a nation of inventors and pioneers; for example, you probably wouldn’t be reading this today if it hadn’t been for the creation of the World Wide Web by London-born scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee!

There is also a great deal of us who love to be involved with creative tech projects. If you are feeling creative or want to create something that not many people have done before, and you want to satisfy your inner geek, then you should check out these 7 brilliant, unusual tech DIY projects to get your teeth into!

Custom PC Case

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PC cases are pretty standard looking items. For the most part, they are just tower units that house all of the components required to run a computer such as the motherboard, hard drive, DVD-RW drive, RAM, video card, and so on. Many people are creating their own bespoke cases, such as this one from a former microwave oven!

Flashing Heart Kit

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Sometimes, flowers and chocolates just doesn’t really cut it when trying to woo and impress that significant other in our lives. If that situation sounds familiar to you, then what you need to be doing is going less mainstream and more geek with something like this rather curious-looking piece of electronics circuitry!

Resistor Necklace

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Who could resist (pun intended) creating this simple but unique piece of jewellery? The resistor necklace is pretty easy to make, and as you may have guessed consists chiefly of some everyday electronic resistors, which are also cheap to buy! This is something fun to make for yourself or the electronics geek in your life.

USB Locket

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USB drives are normally pretty chunky pieces of computer storage, and aren’t usually anything interesting to look at. But here’s something that you could do to change that: you could create your very own USB locket!

Not only does it look great (because you can use your own stylish locket) but you can fit slimline USB drives into them, which is useful for remembering where they are!

Kitchen Cutting Board Tablet Holder

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Here is something really easy to make using an everyday household object: a kitchen cutting board tablet holder! It’s a great way of repurposing an old wooden cutting board, and it’s a useful creation for your tablet too.

USB Solar Charger In a Tin

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Got an old sardine tin lying around? If so, then have you ever repurposing it as a USB solar charger in a tin? Using a bit of electronics know-how, you can create your very own unique USB solar charger. Just make sure you’ve given the tin a good scrub and dried it out first!

Jar Speakers

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Everyone loves to listen to music, so what better way of enjoying your tunes than to create your own speakers from some old glass jars? Make sure that you use some good quality glue guns for this project due to the vibration of the components when you crank the volume up!

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