7 of The Worst and Useless Car Gadgets Ever

Car manufacturers and indeed other enterprising automotive firms are constantly coming up with products and gadgets that they think will improve and enhance the motoring experience for drivers and passengers alike.

There are many good vehicle gadgets out there, take the keeptrucking eld for example. But sometimes, they just come up with some truly bizarre and completely crackpot inventions which most people will wonder why they were invented in the first place. Most cars for sale have some useful gadgets in… other gadgets we just have to scratch our head a bit and think why…

Take a look at these 7 of the world’s worst and definitely useless car gadgets ever made!

7. The Airscarf (Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet)

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The Airscarf was a creation by car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz for the E-Class cabriolets. It is basically a small heater that is built into the seat’s headrest which blows warm air onto the seat occupant’s neck. Someone at Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Germany thought this would be a great way to make sure people were kept warm with the car’s roof down on really chilly days.

Why they are useless: if people felt cold, they could simply put a real scarf on, or close the roof to retain heat in the car.

6. Paddle Shifters (Smart ForTwo)

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Paddle shifters on cars with semi-automatic gearboxes are just great on cars with high performance engines. Inspired by motorsport cars such as those you might see in Formula One events, they basically let the driver change gear up or down without having to use a traditional gear lever, enabling quicker gear shifting.

Why they are useless: the Smart ForTwo only has a small little engine which pushes out anything up to 100 brake horsepower depending on the model. It is never going to be a high performance car.

5. Interior Map lights

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All cars usually come with an interior light by the rear view mirror, which is very handy for when you open the doors at night time when it is quite dark, or perhaps when the light outside is not great and you need to find something by your centre console (like your mobile phone or some change). Many cars old and new also come with extra lights called map reading lights.

Why they are useless: map reading lights do not add much extra illumination, and no-one ever really uses them anyway.

4. Cup holders

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Cup holders are a feature of most modern cars these days, and have been designed to offer drivers and passengers an extra convenience feature for when they go to their local drive-thru fast food establishment.

Why they are useless: most cup holders do not fit the majority of soft drink and hot drink cups, and the ones they do will simply provide a way to shower your car with drink if it is filled up to the top and you drive around corners too quickly!

3. Electric interior rear view mirror

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Interior rear view mirrors help us to see who is behind us when we are driving, which is especially useful when we are reversing and use them as well as turning over our shoulder to check for any people or obstructions. Some cars are also fitted with electric interior rear view mirrors.

Why they are useless: it is easier to adjust a mirror manually.

2. Motorised seatbelts

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Many American cars and some German cars had motorised seat belts fitted as standard.

Why they are useless: people are used to the position of a seat belt holder on their car’s door pillars.

1. Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

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Laptops are versatile computers that can be used pretty much everywhere, and this particular gadget allows one to use their laptop on their car’s steering wheel.

Why it is useless: it is a completely ridiculous invention. You won’t have much room to use a laptop comfortably in the driver’s seat, you could just as easily sit in one of the other seats and use it on your lap, or even better, go find somewhere indoors with a desk and a chair!

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