7 Futuristic Cars we Wished were Real

Cars are becoming better looking, and better functioning all the time. Inventors are constantly developing new ideas to help get these metal pieces of art on our drives and roads. Unfortunately, nothing too out there has been developed yet, but what could we be looking at if some concepts became a reality? Here are 7 futuristic cars we wished were real that would probably drive your motor trade insurance premiums through the roof.

Lamborghini Countach (Drives on Water)

Image by www.imaginelifestyles.com

This lamborghini was a concept by Mike Ryan. He is a car expert, and had made his car conquer not only the land but the sea too! Not only is it a great looking car but also a great idea. I for one would love to take a ride in this sleek looking vehicle as it speeds through the sea.

The Aptera

Image by www.howstuffworks.com

The Aptera is basically a car that can fly. This vehicle can glide through the wind, rather than pushing it. The Aptera is a really unique looking car that could easily be mistaken for a small UFO, something you would have probably seen on the TV program “The Jetsons”.

The HumVee Evo

Image from weheartit.com

The HumVee Evo is an amazing concept car designed by Italian, Matteo Carniato. The car is said to be Matteo’s answer to the future of all terrain vehicles. This car also runs on fuel cells making it eco friendly. The HumVee is based on the modern day Hummer, and can make its way across deep rivers and other waters with ease!

Citroen E-3POD Antistatic

Image from www.carbodydesign.com

This futuristic vehicle was selected as the best design in the RCA’s double challenge project. It was designed by Heikki Juvonen and is based on an electric 3-wheeler urban commuter.

This vehicle seats only one, and is something you could definitely picture straight out of a film. How amazing would it be to see this on the streets in the future!

Rolls Royce Apparition

Image from www.autoevolution.com

This concept car is a massive 23 foot, and still has the manufacturer’s trademark grille included in the design. The car, designed by Jeremy Westerlund, united the traditional chauffeur driven car with it’s streamlined car form. One thing’s for sure, this concept car looks badass.

Renault Kidma

Image from www.autoevolution.com

This car is not just a mobility system, but also a great protector of the environment. This vehicle was designed by Thomas Felix, and runs only on renewable energy. A very eco friendly car designed to make traveling fun and effective. Similar in style to a mini spaceship!

Audi Shark Flying Car

Image from www.audiconcept.com

This car looks to be one of the most promising designs of the future. It was winner of the world Auto Design Contest in 2009, after being designed by Karim Doku. The designer was inspired by many things including bikes and aeroplanes, and ended up creating this car with no wheels but capable of flying. The vehicle is actually similar to a shark in looks, giving it it’s unusual name.

These amazing cars are all innovative masterpieces that we could expect to see sometime in our lifetime!

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