7 Days to Die Review

7 Days to Die is a survival game in which you are given the task of living in the unforgiving world. Initially, you are supposed to live for one day, then for seven days and then finally for as long as you can. The game is made even more difficult by the inclusion of different hurdles. In order to overcome the hurdles, you are supposed to perform different tasks in the game, and you have to develop some skills like crafting and scavenging. However, much of the interest that one finds in the game comes from the ability to analyze and prioritize different items as well as opportunities to get maximum advantage.

First Day of Survival

On the first day of your survival, you are guided to collect the most necessary things that can help you keep on living, for instance, food materials, wood to make shelter, and plant matter. You are also supposed to find some clothes for your survival. The thing that matters most is your security because wild animals can attack you out of nowhere. For your security, you need a stone ax. Once you are successful in surviving the first day, all the guidance that you previously got about how to collect materials and where to find them stops, and now you are on your own completely. For more tips on first day of Survival, checkout Game Period.


You have to explore different areas in the game to find different items, but the exploration is not that easy because the game world is full of wild animals, bears, zombies, and traps. All you have to do is manage your priorities; otherwise, you will be dead in a day. You have to think about food items, you have to think about security items and you have to think about shelter as well. Thanks to terrible graphics of the game, exploration seems even more difficult. You will find the game even ugly at many levels. I was so frustrated one time with the similar looking landscapes – all the images you see in the game will look similar no matter where you go – that I wanted to stop playing the game right there. These days some people spend most of their time playing games, but one should always take care of physical health as well, while running you can use Flipbelt to keep track of your stuff.


To worsen the situations created by terrible graphics, there is fog. Thanks to fog, you cannot see at the distance of more than three meters. At times, you will feel that I am secure and no one is there is to hurt me till you will find yourself dead in a second only because a zombie came out of nowhere and you couldn’t see it in the fog.

Crafting System

The crafting system in the game is something good. You can craft anything you like as long as you have necessary ingredients and recipes.

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