7 Crazy Gadget Ideas for Pets

These days, there are all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets and inventions. Technology moves at such a speed that things we thought might have been impossible or in the least, several hundred years away from development, have been developed today.

This is certainly true when it comes to the world of pets. Pets are not just for caring for especially when you consider how much a pet costs you these days. The hassle of feeding, washing, cost of vets bills, insurance, pet treatments like flea spot on treatments and so on. Did you know the average cost of owning a dog is £16,900 and for a cat its £17,200 as reported by this is money. Pets are ultimately for having fun with, having a companion that doesn’t talk back :-). If your looking to have fund with your pet feast your eyes on this list of 7 crazy gadget ideas for pets!

Fitfurlife Dog Treadmill

Image by PetsPyjamas.com

Aimed towards dog owners that want to exercise, train and rehabilitate their pets, the Fitfurlife dog treadmill is also perfect for those that simply can’t be bothered to take their dog out for a walk every day.

Available in a range of sizes and starting at a mere £870, this is a very cool albeit expensive gadget for dog owners.

Hamster Racer Set

Image by Firebox

Who says that hamsters need to have boring old wheels to run in, when they could have the mega cool hamster racer set? Comprising a racing car with sticker decals, and sections of track, your hamster can try their hand at F1 style driving!

You can also let your hamster race on the floor with their racing car, or they can just simply wheel spin in place.

Retrieva GPS Tracking Dog Collar

Image by Retrieva Tracking

If you have a dog that has a habit of escaping from home a lot, then the Retrieva GPS tracking dog collar is for you (well, for them). It enables you to track your dog’s location via your mobile phone, or online via your computer or iPad.

So if you own a greyhound that likes to challenge you to impromptu 45mph races in your neighbourhood, or a terrier that likes to terrorise the local cats, then you ought to get yourself one of these gadgets to make sure you know where they end up.

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Image by Amazon

If your cat thinks that their drinking bowl is boring and you are sat there wondering how to make their rehydration a bit more fun, then we’ve come up with the perfect gadget for you.

Introducing the Cat Mate pet fountain! It features multi-height drinking levels, which are ideal for both kittens and fully-grown adult cats, and it makes for an interesting water feature on your kitchen floor!

Eyenimal Pet Camera

Image by Amazon

Are you curious to know what your cat gets up to when you let them outside to go off and have a wander? Well now you can find out thanks to the Eyenimal pet camera!

This gadget contains 4GB of flash memory and a lithium-ion battery to record up to two and a half hours worth of audio and video from your cat’s adventures.

Puppy Tweets

Image by Amazon

Have you got friends that just constantly post up pictures of their pets or even sets up accounts for them on social networking sites? Well if you’ve got a puppy, you can put their futile attempts at canine computing to shame with the Puppy Tweets gadget!

This fun device attaches to your puppy’s collar and it tweets messages about what your dog is doing indoors.

Feather Tether Bird Harness & Leash

Image by Friends of Fido

Having a pet cockatoo is great, but don’t you wish you could just take them out with you wherever you go without worrying about them flying away, never to be seen again?

The Feather Tether bird harness solves that problem! It comes with full fitting instructions and tips to make light work of fitting their harness. Thanks to this gadget, you can now take your cockatoo out for a walk!

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