6 Smart Everyday Kitchen Gadgets

Most kitchens are full of unused gadget tools that have either been bought as presents or on a whim because it looks good or is advertised as the next best thing. Most people put them away thinking I will use that at some time and never do. Therefore wasting money that can be used on other things. My top six kitchen gadgets are;

1 – Can Opener

These can be bought as either electric or hand held. The electric ones are great for people with disabilities like arthritis. I myself have a free standing one and have found that they are very easy to use all you need to do is hold the can under the guide pin, pull the lever down so the it pierces the can and then it will start cutting.

The can will then stay in position until the can is open and it will stay in place until the handle is lifted and the can is removed. There are different varieties of these free standing can openers, they come with non slip feet as well as bottle and knife sharpening blades, thus making it a very useful tool for all kitchens.

The manual ones are just as easy to use  and are normally dishwasher safe, the more modern ones are designed to eliminate jagged edges. There are also the battery operated ones that you just place the can opener on top of the tin press the button and just let it do the job leaving you hands free to do something else. This is also very good for people with limited mobility they are easy to clean and easy to store.

2 – Salad Spinner

This is my all time favourite, gone are the days of getting out the tea towel and patting your lettuce dry until all the water is gone. The revolutionary salad spinner saves so much time all I do is put my salad leaves in the spinner which has a plastic basket inside with holes rather like a colander that you use to drain hot vegetables and pasta, put the lid on turn the handle on the top of the spinner and of you go; a few good turns and that’s it done leaving the excess water in the bottom of the spinner. This is easy to wash and store and some are dishwasher safe. This is a must have in everyone’s kitchen.

3 – JML Magic Bullet

This is a great tool and only takes up the space of a coffee cup, so is great for those people who have limited space in their kitchens, as some blenders tend to be bulky and awkward. This is a one touch blending system that can chop, blend, crush ice, grind coffee beans, and grate cheese all in approximately ten seconds.

The magic bullet is easy to use, just fill the cup provided then screw on the cutting lid then press down on the power pod, that’s it, ten seconds and the process is done. This tool can make easy work of all kinds of foods and you will use this tool time and time again. This comes with everything you need to do the job it includes the cups, a steamer, and juice squeezer tool, for making cocktails replacement gadgets and spare blades.

4 – Panasonic Bread Maker-SD-250

This is a healthy choice breadmaker and has a great gluten free function which is good for people with an intolerance. I have seen this on amazon for the great price of £124.98. This machine  has a jam making program,  a fruit and nut dispenser and three different size loaf options. This is a healthy choice if you are on a diet or have a gluten intolerance. You can now wake up in the morning  to a wonderful  smell of fresh bread and because this machine has a timer it will do all the work while you are sleeping.

All the hard work or mess that used to be involved in bread making is now gone, leaving you free to do other things while the bread is cooking and is especially good for those people with busy lifestyles. If you have special dietary needs this bread maker will make your life so much easier because you will have complete control with the ingredients such as sugar and salt that is put in most breads, and  is a great advantage over the bread that is bought in high street shops and bakers.

5 – Soup Maker – Morphy Richards Soup Maker

This fantastic new gadget takes all the hard work out  of making homemade soups. It is very quick and easy to use and you can make soups to your individual tastes, without all the fuss. All you have to do is simply place all your soup ingredients inside your soup maker then decide as to whether you would prefer your soup chunky or smooth, select the correct option, press the button, then that’s it done.

While the soup is cooking you can  check on its progress by simply looking at the digital interface with the countdown timer to see what’s going on. Thanks to its blending function this wonderful gadget also makes smoothies and milkshake, so in the summer months when its hot you can sit back enjoy something cool. The stainless steel design makes it easy to clean with minimal washing up, this is a must have for busy working mums and dads who have a hectic life with little time but still want to be healthy.

6 – George Foreman Health Grill

For those who are looking to eat more healthy and want to lose weight this health grill is for you. I myself bought one of these two years ago and I can honestly say I would not be without it. You can have tasty, tender meat without all the fat running off it which can happen with pan fried or roasted meat. The heat from the grill plates seal in moisture and keeps the food tender. I have a four portion health grill and this does do what it says on the box, no more meat swimming in fat, as it is collected into a separate drip tray. This means less calories and a healthier heart. The grill plates have a non stick finish which makes them  very easy to clean, I always clean my grill plates when it has started to cool down with kitchen roll, as this makes it easier to get any stains off; then just simply wipe with a damp cloth and its all done there is no scraping required.

Guest Contribution by Sam Walker on behalf of Culshaw Bell Bespoke Kitchens.

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