6 Laptop Accessories You Should Consider Buying

Laptops are one of the most popular types of portable computer devices in the world. Tablet devices are obviously lighter and smaller, but the great thing about laptops is that you can run all of your favourite programs (and games, depending on the laptop spec) under a Windows or Mac OS X operating system environment which you can use anywhere, as opposed to desktop PCs and Macs which take up valuable desk and room real estate area.

Usually when you buy a new laptop, all you get with it is the charger, but there are some essential laptop accessories which you will also need to get. Check out these 6 laptop accessories that you should consider buying!

Ring Automotive E: Can Power Inverter

Sometimes when you are out on the road, you might need to charge your laptop when travelling on a long car journey, or perhaps your passengers on such journeys want to use their laptops whilst you are driving.

Sooner or later the laptop is going to run out of juice, so to solve this problem comes the conveniently sized Ring Automotive E: Can power inverter. It slots into a cup holder for neatness, and it even has a USB port for charging devices like smartphones or MP3 players.

Kensington SmartFit Laptop Stand

If you like the portability of a laptop but prefer to use a full size keyboard and mouse like you might use on a desktop PC, then the Kensington SmartFit laptop stand is for you. It enables you to raise your laptop to a comfortable viewing angle, and it gives you the desk space you need to use an external keyboard and mouse.

Logitech MK520 Wireless Combo

The Logitech MK520 wireless keyboard and mouse combo is perfect for those that want to use an external keyboard and mouse at a desk with their laptop. The wireless nano receiver (which controls both devices) does not protrude from the USB port of your laptop, and the key and mouse click action is just great!

Incase Neoprene 15-Inch Laptop Sleeve

One thing you will need to do is make sure your laptop is protected from accidental damage when you are not using it. The Incase Neoprene 15-inch laptop sleeve will make sure that your pride and joy is protected from bumps and scratches when it is on the move. Other sizes are also available for this particular laptop sleeve.

Edifier Aurora MP300 Plus 2.1 Speakers

Let’s face it, the speakers on a laptop offer quite a pathetic tinny sound at the best of times, so if you want to enjoy some decent sound on your travels with your laptop, you need to get yourself a set of Edifier Aurora MP300 Plus 2.1 speakers. The package offers a slim and lightweight subwoofer and pair of speakers and looks pretty smart too!

Kico Lap Trays

Kico lap trays are innovative and quite frankly awesome laptop trays where you can choose from one of many pre-existing designs, or you can use your own (although I am quite partial to cupcakes)! They have an anti-slip surface, and are made in Britain.

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