5 Useful Apps to Manage your Finances

Gone are the days of planning your personal finances and budgeting for your monthly expenses on pieces of paper or in long, sometimes complex and unexplainable spreadsheets.

As one smartphone and tablet manufacturer has said in recent television advertising, these days there’s an app for just about anything, and this is certainly the case when it comes to managing your finance.

Here is our pick of the best 5 apps to help you organise your finances better and quicker.

Want to Manage Incoming & Outgoings? There’s an App for That

Mint.com Personal Finance (free for iOS, free for Android) – The mint.com app is without a doubt the best money management app available, and the icing on the cake is that it’s free too! You simply create an account on their website (where you can also manage your finances) and add all of your financial details on there. You’ll then be able to plan realistic budgets, and keep track of your spending habits. Mint also gives you unbiased recommendations for savings and borrowing based on your financial history, and their service is protected by the same 128-bit encryption that your bank would use.

Want to Calculate Current (or future) Salary? There’s an App for That

My Salary Calculator (free for iOS, free for Android) – If you want to find out whether you are paying the correct amount of tax and National Insurance on your salary, or perhaps you have decided to look for a better paying job and want to check what your monthly take home pay would be, then this app is for you. It gives you a full breakdown by year, month, week, and day as well as per hour; ideal for people who get paid by the hour or on a weekly basis.

Want to Set Savings Goals? There’s an App for That

Savings Goals (69p for iOS), Saving Made Simple (£1.29 for Android) – Although these are two different apps, their functionality is pretty similar. You basically enter the details of what you want to save for, when you want to save the money by, and it helps you track those details in real-time giving you that push to ensure you actually put away that money into a savings account.

Want to Reduce Food Shopping Bills? There’s an App for That

Love Food Hate Waste (free for iOS, free for Android) – Do you find yourself buying more food than you need? Do you get stuck for meal ideas? This new app lets you keep track of your food spending and helps you plan your meals and make the most of any leftovers. Save up to £50 a month with this app by throwing away less food and utilising all of your ingredients.

Want to Find the Best Local Deals? There’s an App for That

RedLaser (free for iOS, free for Android) – This is a free price comparison app from eBay that helps you compare prices when you’re out and about using your iPhone or Android smartphone. Simply scan the barcode or type in the name of the product to search for the best deals available in your local area as well as online (and of course, relevant eBay sellers).

Well thats our round up of some useful apps to either manage your money better or to save more money! Download and Enjoy!

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