5 Tips to Help You Get the Printing Done More Efficiently

If you manage an office, then one of the things that you will have to deal with is the printing needs of the place. Without proper setup, the entire printing process might turn out to be quite complex and cumbersome. To ensure that the printing is done more efficiently, you can use any of the following tips.

Type of Printer

The first step towards efficient printing is to buy the right printer. If your office printing needs are mostly limited to printing text, and that too at a volume exceeding a thousand pages per month, then a laser printer is ideal. Getting an inkjet printer is not recommended since they have slower printing speeds. But if the office needs to print pages that display photos or other colored graphics, then an inkjet printer will be more optimal than a laser printer.

Paper Setting

One big mistake people do while setting up the printer is that they do not take into account the paper type into consideration. Depending on the type of paper being used, the printer will use different quantities of inks in order to create the final printed page. So, make sure to set the driver of the printer to match with the type of paper you are using. This will give the best results while printing.


If your office uses an inkjet printer, then you should watch out for any clogs in the nozzles. This can be even more of a problem in case you are living in an area that is known to have pretty low humidity levels.  A clogged nozzle will only result in pages that are either partially printed or not printed at all. And this is where a humidifier comes to the rescue. So, if you wish to run the printer efficiently in a low humidity area, then make sure that the printer is only placed in a room which has a humidifier.

Black And White

When printing text or monochrome documents, always ensure that the printer driver is set to print in black alone. This will ensure that only the black ink cartridge is used. Otherwise, cartridges of other colors will also be used for printing, which is frankly quite a waste. After all, if you can print a document using black ink only, why would you waste other ink colors?

Duplex Option

Always use the duplex option wherever possible. This essentially means that you use both sides of the paper for printing rather than a single side alone. Though this is something that should come across as a ‘common sense’ advice, it is remarkable how many workplaces tend to use just one side of a paper. So, if your office does the same, make sure that you change the habit as soon as possible.

Now, if you are seriously looking to making your office printing easier to handle, then the best way to do this will be to hire a company that provides managed print services. And in addition to cutting down the costs of printing, they will also save you a lot of time.

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