5 Super Cool Camping Gadgets

Whenever you go camping, do you ever think to yourself sometimes that you wished you had a gadget to help you out with certain tasks? Or maybe that your tools and gadgets were somewhat archaic in comparison to what other people have?

If so, then you need to feast your eyes on these really useful 5 super cool camping gadgets!

1. Gelert Inflatable Armchair

When you go camping, the choice for seating is rather limited. You can either sit in your car, sit down on the ground, or sit on a fold up director’s chair. The most comfortable seat out of all of those is probably going to be your car, but then you can’t take your car seat out of the car and sit by your tent!

The Gelert Inflatable Armchair aims to solve this problem! Simply take it with you flat, and when you need to use it you can simply inflate it with a pump and be chuffed that you now have something comfortable to sit down on! It comes in three fetching colours – pink, green and blue.

2. Collapsible Pet Bowl

A lot of people take their dogs camping with them, but you know it can be a real drag having to take their bowls everywhere with you in case they need a drink or have their dinner somewhere away from the campsite.

This collapsible pet bowl takes care of this problem! When it’s not in use simply keep it collapsed, and when it is need just pull it up and it becomes a handy bowl!

3. Solar PIR Utility Light

Sometimes you want to venture out on a nice summer’s evening, but then you come back to your campsite late at night and it is pitch black – “where is my tent” you ask yourself.

A solution to that problem is this solar PIR utility light! Simply leave it to charge via the solar panel during the day and then let it light up the way to your tent as you approach at night!

4. Veho Pebble Smartstick

When you are out camping, there’s not going to be many opportunities for you to charge your mobile phone. You could obviously use a car charger that plugs into the cigar lighter, but a lot of the time you will have to sit in the car while it charges as some cigar light slots only operate when the ignition is on.

The Veho Pebble Smartstick looks to fixing such problems by providing an easy-to-use and space-saving battery backup solution for your mobile phone.

5. Inova Microlight

There is a whole bunch of LED torches on the market, but this one is a little different. The Inova Microlight is essentially a tiny LED torch that you can attach to keyrings, zippers and more.

It has an effective range of 50 feet, making this LED torch pack a punch well above its weight! And speaking of weight, because it is so small and only has an LED light, it is pretty much as light as a feather!

So if you’re camping or caravaning and have got the essentials like the tent or the caravan, and any caravan insurance needed, you can take a look at this list and get some optional extra gizmos!

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