5 Strange/Weird Toilet Gadgets

Did you know that the average person spends more than 3 years of their life on the toilet? With that information in mind, it’s no wonder that people are inventing ways of making our time on the toilet more fun and interesting. Here I present to you 5 of the weirdest toilet gadgets:

Brondell Breeza Toilet Seat

This is a magical toilet seat that contains a 4 step deoderising system. The odor is first trapped and neutralised before treating you with a nice and natural fragrance. This toilet seat is body activated by it’s built in sensor. You won’t need to replace the fragrance vent for up to a month giving you peace of mind. The lid is gentle closing too, so you don’t have to brace yourself for any loud noises.

Brondell Swash

This toilet seat is a treat for the bottom. It’s contoured to feel like you are sitting on a cloud, and heated so you don’t have to prepare to sit yourself on a cold seat. Not only that, but when you are finished you can push a button and this seat will wash you. Receive a hygienic wash and feel fresh as a daisy after doing your business! Wait there’s more: once your wash is over you will then be dried off with a warm air drier. Lovely, if only these were supplied in the mobile toilets at festivals.

Visit the website for this amazing toilet seat.

iLounge Toilet Paper Dispenser with iPod dock

Treat your ears to the sound of music as you perch yourself on the lavatory. You can listen to your favourite playlist, or even a recorded book (after all, you don’t know how long you could be there). If you get bored of reading the paper while on the loo then this could be the perfect alternative for you, just pop your iPod in the built in USB slot and you’re well away! Click here for more information.

The Toilet Tunes System

Forget taking your iPod into the bathroom as stated before, and try one of these bad boys instead. This toilet tunes system comes in two parts. Place the first unit wherever you want in the bathroom, the other on the back of the toilet lid for the sensor to know when to start the tunes. There’s loads to choose from here, even listen to nature sounds that could encourage you to relieve yourself if you are having difficulty! This seat would also be a great incentive for the men to put the seat down when they leave the bathroom, if they don’t the tunes won’t stop.

The RSStroom Reader

This strange device developed by Yi Tien Electronics is possibly the weirdest toilet gadget yet. The RSStroom reader is a computer printer, that actually prints out news headlines while you sit on the lav! Don’t bother buying the paper, or taking in your iPod, just use this weird toilet gadget to print the news off for you. If you’re not impressed with the days headlines you can literally wipe your bum with them.    

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