5 Reasons You Need A Mac In Your Life

If you’re weighing up your options for your new computer, you’ve probably considered an Apple Mac. And with good reason. They are beautiful, reliable and packed with the most intuitive technology on the planet. You can question Apple’s logic sometimes, but at least they are pushing boundaries and trying new things. At the heart of the company they are still the world leaders in computing and tech. If you haven’t yet succumbed to the lure of a Mac, this might just convince you. Here’s why you need one in your life.

  1. Consistency and reliability. – Quite simply, Mac computers are the most reliable and consistent machines out there. Every operating system is a perfect evolution from the one that came before it. There are no big surprises, just delightful upgrades. Not only that, but they are resilient and reliant. If they do come into trouble, Mac repairs are the best in the world. Core Tech will have it up and running again quickly. Every Mac we’ve ever used has consistently lasted over four years.
  2. Usability – Macs have built their reputation on intuitive user experience. Every small detail is executed with perfection. Each part is designed with usability in mind. The software leads and guides you through the process exactly. When you’re not sure how to do something, your first guess is almost always right! Every upgrade is made out of necessity and with user experience in mind. They consistently outperform in every category.



  1. Integration – The real selling point about a Mac is its integration with mobile technology. Whether you’re rocking a Macbook or the iMac, it will seamlessly communicate with your iPhone. It will also connect with your iPad. It will sync your calendar across all devices for starters. But, you can also edit documents on your iPad, then open it up on your Mac and all the edits are there! There are tons of clever ways these devices talk to each other.
  2. Security – When it comes to the Mac vs PC debate, Macs consistently come out on top for security. Windows operating system is still plagued by viruses and security breaches. Without installing any additional software, Macs are resilient and strong against attacks. Their built in firewalls and antivirus is fantastic, and never raises its head. It stays in the background, keeping you safe and secure.
  3. Style – We couldn’t write an article on Apple without mentioning its effortless style. Their product design is so far ahead of the competitors. With their hardware and their operating system, they have mastered the art of great design. Throughout their range, Apple are praised for their beautiful products. There’s a certain elegance and style associated with each one.


If you’re considering your options, you could do worse than investing in a Mac. They are built to last and provide excellent value for money. Of course, we haven’t mentioned the price tag yet. Although they are more expensive than their competitors, they are leagues ahead. For sublime style, reliability, and fantastic usability, there’s no other choice.


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