5 Free iPhone / iPad Apps To Help Manage Your Money

Keeping tabs on your money is something that many of us are having to do these days; and being able to have access to this when we are on the move is of great benefit.

Many of the banks today now make use of apps for smartphones and tablets so we can track our account and even pay bills on the move. This is very good, but to really keep track of how we are spending our money, we may need to make use of other apps to work in conjunction with our banks. Here we take a look at the top free iPhone apps that you can try out for yourself and as they are free if you don’t get on with one, you can just try another.

1 – Lavu POS

For those who have a restaurant, serving customers can be a hassle. However, Lavu POS utilizes the iPad, turning into a till, great for different types of restaurant outlets. It comes loaded with many features – you can check it out at: https://toppossystem.com/lavu-pos-review/.

2 – Spending Tracker

A very easy and simple to use app, where you can track your weekly, monthly or yearly spending. You can also set yourself a budget, here you can easily see what you have left and also what you have saved during the week or month, which can then be carried over. Theres pretty much nothing left this app can’t do other than to apply for same day loans but hey, that function won’t be coming anytime soon.

You can set recurring ingoings and outgoings to the app, so you don’t have to manually do it each week or month, and those things that you spend money on that are extra are easily added, and you can also set an icon for them too.

Download this app here >>>

3 – iSpreadsheet

For those that like to use a spreadsheets for tracking their spending then this is the ideal app and it also connects to Google docs, meaning you can make changes on it on the go using the iPhone or iPad or on your computer at home or work.

Another added bonus is that you can send multiple attachments on an email and import them, this can be great if you have purchased several items and you want to log them on the system separately.

Download this app here >>>

4 – Ontrees

This app is great if you have more than one bank account, as you can store them all in one easy to get to place. Easily see what is in all accounts and perfect for managing money and budgeting it too.

It works by using online data, you create the password and is read only so no actions can be carried out on the accounts. For extra security all details are also encrypted on the online stream so that none of your date is accessible or stored. The app automatically updates daily, it also features graphs and charts to show how you are spending money and where.

Download this app here >>>

5 – Pocket Expense Personal Finance

Another great app for keeping track of your money, and is highly rated with 41/2 stars on the app store; it brings all your accounts together, tracking you bills, and also features a savings tracker too.

The app features budget management to help you to save money where you can; in the tracking of your bills, you can set up alerts to remind you to pay certain things; as with the others it also gives you graphs and charts to easily see what you are spending your money and all transactions.

Download this app here >>>

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