5 Brilliant Tech Gadgets for Your Garden

Gone are the days when maintaining your garden was a difficult chore. Lately, you can find some of the handiest gadgets and pond supplies known to man, to keep your garden or pond as fresh and clean as ever. Modern technology has done a great job of taking the tedium out of your garden. In fact, you can conveniently maintain your garden, while also having fun in the process. You can be in total control using these devices, without even having to worry about the weather. So, here are the five brilliant tech gadgets you need, which will enable you to have a garden that looks good, without consuming all of your time.

1.      Robomow RS635

You might think that Robomow RS635 will require all of your fortune, but it doesn’t. the lawnmower from Robomow won’t actually cost you much, and it will enable you to trim grass from small spaces and enable you to quickly tidy up your lawn. The robot mower will take some time to set-up and get into the routine, but once you do, your lawn will automatically manicure without any effort. It won’t cost you much more than those standard petrol-powered mowers.

2.      Stihl HLA 85 Telescopic Cordless Hedge Trimmer

It is time to trim up those high hedges and shrubs, with the help of this handy hedge trimmer from Stihl. The trimmer is extremely lightweight because it comes with a brushless motor. Also, the speed throttle trigger provides efficient cutting control and doesn’t make any noise. The hedge trimmer has no fuel or maintenance costs, nor does it come with any restrictive cords. However, you do need to purchase the chargers and batteries, which are sold separately.

3.      Black & Decker Alligator GKC1000 Cordless Powered Lopper

For all of those with green-thumbs, this gadget is a must-have to cut down large branches and shoots. The lopper doesn’t release any emissions on your lawn, and you can quickly clean out bushes or prune your trees. It is a better alternative to other manual loppers, chainsaws, and handsaws, because it gives you total control over the task and does not create any noise. Additionally, you need both your hands to activate the lopper, which keeps you safe from any accidents.

4.      Hozelock Auto AquaPod 10 Watering System

Some of you might find it difficult to water the plants, just because it’s too messy and no one wants to carry a big heavy load of water around the garden. The AquaPod from Hozelock comes with a hosepipe wizard, which is an automatic watering system that will assist you in keeping up to 40 plants alive. It has a couple of green cylindrical pumps, with a series of flexible drippers and hoses. You can program the system for automatic watering.

5.      Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor

The Flower Power Plant Monitor from Parrot is a standalone sensor that is battery operated and equipped with Bluetooth. Just place it in the soil near your plant, then choose your plant type from the database, and it will diagnose and monitor the overall health of your plant. The gadget collects the information from the soil, such as moisture and temperature, as well as monitors the sunshine your plant is receiving. It also measures the amount of fertilizer in the ground.


You see, being a geek has its perks. Now, you can manage your garden with all these gizmos at your disposal, without wasting your time and effort. These toys enable you to maintain your garden, without using any chemicals or pesticides, and while helping to lower your fuel consumption.

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